Monday, June 20, 2011

i make money with online dating

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

sex positions do or don't with a new lover

Ok so the dating has gone great and you at the bedroom door the heat is on and the clothes are coming off but do you control a little discipline or is it all out like a porn star. Does moving your date from position to position and treating your date like a porn star put your new love off with the thoughts of how are they so experienced ? how many conquests have they already had ? or do they think god thats so good i need more i must keep this relationship going.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

deep throat cocksucking blow job

If you are looking for a top deep throat blow job choose an older woman out and about i meet loads of women mainly around Bangkok and Chiangmai massage parlors and by far the stat's LOL for the best blow jobs are the older ladies 40 up years not sure if its that they are just glad to get the attention in a young woman's world here in Thailand.

public sex

what is your idea on the best public sex location. from experiences i had my most memorable public sex experience doggy style in the showcase cinema in Peterborough England oh yes! a great girl who worked for me we see each other for a while and she was hot we even got caught in sainsburys car park one lunch time by more of my staff we were sat in my car and she was giving me head then a spotted them walking over to me oh well i always laughed at me miss doings and getting seen was funny.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

dating in Bangkok bars

Have you dated a Bangkok bar girl? Was it, is it love, or are you just a fool in paradise. I see fools in paradise every day they just don't realize that they are thinking with there hearts not their brains. Don't get me wrong i have many friends that are dating or married to ex bar girls are they have a fantastic life far better than they would have back home with the trollops that are over self-opinionated un-loving cold moaning cows. It is so easy to fall for the charms of a sexy thai girl and it can be great but you need to have you eyes open and be prepared to ditch her and start again. Finding the right one is not so easy cause they all look good at first.
tell her you don't have much money see if she stays
state from day one if we marry she must sign a pre-nupt and she forfeits all assets if divorce
ask her if she will work to support her spending but the house hold bill you will cover

if she agrees to all the above you probably are onto a winner and believe me they are there so good luck and hope you find a cracker.

kate and wills

Well the dating is over, married and now the real dates start. Kate and Wills step out at a celebrity fund raiser in London's trendy Kensington. The Royal couple really stole the show at there first public event. What a lovely couple lets hope we can all find our prince or princess

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sex Addict or just horny

A friend was talking about sex addiction today and some interesting thoughts were shared, one thought was very debated and really seemed to divide the men and the women so i was wondering if i could get some views from you guys basically state male or female yes or no heres the thought is sex addiction just a great thought up excuse for men to cheat and justify when they are caught that its addiction?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

how to talk to beautiful women on dates

Good conversation and topics of interests are the key to impressing a hottie. think of interesting and funny stories look at her body language, don't hog the conversation. talking about work is about as interesting as a cold day. Most of us have loads of outside interests. talk politics, religion, foods, mostly very pretty women are not very clever. If she is well travelled politics, the environment, outdoors, science, and third world countries are great topics. Find her interests and listern to what she says smile and give good eye contact. Having a great honest conversation will give her reasons to find you interesting and ladies love humour.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What makes your profile attractive online.

So what gives you the edge when you create a dating profile. Women that add photos on to the dating site will receive double as many email messages from interested guys as opposed to women that don't add photos. As for men the same surveys reported that men who filled out there profiles indicating incomes above $250,000 received over 156% more email messages from interested women than the guys reporting over the $50,000 bracket.
An attractive profile would often include an articulate yet brief description of your passions, a couple of things your friends describe you, qualities and strengths you look for in a potential partner, what people notice about you (other than appearance), your sports and interests, and good books you have enjoyed or currently reading.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dating a foreign women

It seem's to be the new way forward for so many men to look abroad for love via the internet the numbers of men on line looking for love has gone through the roof. But the ladies are starting to follow suit as European women over the years have become more assertive and divorces have risen in line with this they have started to look abroad and Asia is a great place to find a more submissive husband happy for the woman to be the bread winner. Thailand has been a man,s favourite for many many years now but increasingly western girls are walking the red light areas hand in hand with a local. YOU GO GIRLS! Certainly the guys no how to use dating sites to meet girls pre arranged when the holiday now it looks like the girls are in on the action world wide dating site are growing in popularity and soon may rival local dating.

Friday, June 3, 2011

are you a sex addict ?

Are you a sex addict ? is that so bad hey it's not like you murdered someone. Well first off i could be seen ass being a sex addict i love sex and i'm lucky enough to live in Thailand so i get as much as i want and very easy i can find sex daily. i wander out most days to meet up with friends for lunch thats really the start of the day for me i massage 3 or 4 times aweek sometimes real massage sometimes sex massage that cost around 10 pounds all in i visit my geeks thats the thai word for fuck buddy, and oh! geeks are free. I amounted around 14 or so in my city just depends on if some are away visiting there home towns. so i guess the question is am i a sex addict maybe but i happy i would not swap my lifestyle i have now for anything life really is good. So what about you is your sex life hot hot hot or do you feel like you live in the artic, well if you want to spice up you life join an adult dating site they work i used them successfully when i lived in england and you too gan be a happy sex addict.

Sex dating Online Contacts is it really possible?

Sex Dating online contacts is it really possible? HECK YES. i set a profile added well dressed picture and two private pics one with my shirt unbuttoned and a second of my penis. filled out the forms about likes hates build etc etc searched out around 35 womens profiles that interested me sent the short emails saying "hi just found you profile you look great and reading about you, you interest me would you like to chat ? well i was'nt expecting much but the replys kept coming in and they liked my pic but wanted to see the private pics. i told all chat a while on the live chat and ill send the private pics i was astonished how simple it was to get emails phone numbers and from the 35 or so i searched 4 agreed very quickly to meet up coffee and if we gell sex afterwards i was so impressed with this dating site i joined there affilliate program an now promote them they are on here no strings dating if you really want to meet for extra marital sex join this site it really works well.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

hire an escort hooker to sex your man while you watch

Would you hire a escort prostitute hooker to have sex with your husband, have you hired a hooker and would you watch . If you have was it worth it? Some men are so lucky the girlfriends wifes are open to swinging and open relationships. Are you over jelous or could you buy a sex gift of a escort for your man. Well a friend of mine was lucky enough for his wife to do just that for his birthday she hired a young 23 year old escort and sat and watched the whole gift experiance. he has told me that it was so good he will do the same back for she and that they relationship has improved from this as well. please comment you would, would not, have done, or just too damn scared to ask.

England government are racist married to a long term bride and no visa

The English government let in thousands of immigrants and give them housing and benefits ranging from food coupons house rent to dss cheques to buy a car but the racist government are proving to look down on inter racial marriages that cost the tax payer nil yep nil heres a story below

One of the victims of this policy is Irish farmer Eugene Mc Elroy whose Thai wife Hiranchat is currently stranded in Thailand after being refused re-entry into the United Kingdom after returning to Thailand for her mothers funeral. Eugene and Hiranchat live in Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland which comes under the jurisdiction of the UK Home Office.

Hiranchat was refused a visa despite having lived with her husband for over two and half years on his 50 acre on the basis that the Home Office felt that the farmers income was insufficient for him to maintain Eugene and his Thai wife. Im heartbroken and I cant make head nor tail of it, the Irish man told a newspaper in Ireland Ive no money problems. I won my own home, 50 acres of land and a lot of cattle. Ive no mortgage, but they dont take that into account. Their silly bureaucratic rule is preventing me from being with the woman I love, he said.

Eugene and his lawyer in Ireland are currently fighting the UK Home Office decision.

Eugenes story comes at a time when the upsurge in the level of Thai brides entering the United Kingdom is provoking some negative media coverage despite positive efforts by the growing Thai community to integrate itself into UK society.

do you fake orgasm do you think you girl fakes orgasms on you

When a woman fakes an orgasm, it’s usually because the guy she’s with isn’t getting her off and she doesn’t want to hurt his ego. Some male orgasm fakers may have a similar motivation. In fact, it may be even more damaging to a woman’s confidence to hear that her man isn’t climaxing, since the prevailing opinion is that men should be able to climax whenever, wherever and under any circumstance. Of course, this simply isn’t true,

When it comes to men and their members, we all know that what goes up must, eventually, come down. But what about when a guy’s erection goes up and stays up? At first blush, it sounds like bedroom benefit. But delayed ejaculation (DE) is a real problem. This umbrella term describes:

taking longer than usual to reach orgasm
only being able to get there via masturbation
not being able to peak at all
And it’s an issue that I'm seeing increasingly.

In the past DE was relatively rare compared with other "mechanical malfunctions" such as erectile disorder (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE), a subject I recently wrote about for this blog. Today, however, new factors are contributing to DE’s increased prevalence:
When a guy masturbates, he's often applying significantly higher levels of pressure and friction than during real intercourse, so he may get used to a different kind of physical feeling. It’s called developing an “idiosyncratic masturbatory style.” There are now a lot of guys who can get past the point of no return only via oral sex or manual stimulation (usually their own).

sex holidays and a go go bars

Heading to Thailand to meet the opposite sex well you will be in for a very nice suprise. There is no ageism, fatism, racism or any other sort of discrimination with Thai ladies, they really don't care how fat old bald etc that you look like, but they do care how nice you are how you behave. Older men are more prized and seen to have greater consideration, also having the attentions of an older man is an increase in status for a young Thai woman. Our top tips, is to be polite smile and laugh at small things like your attempts to speak thai, and treat all the ladies with respect. Thai ladies are quick to smile in return and warm to you very quickly. Dont be affraid to look at girls in all walks of life many have worked bar at some period of there lifes and straight to the point polite conversation wins.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bar girl dating

Thousands of men fro all over the world are in relations and long distant dating bar girls, girls in Pattaya, Bangkok, Manila, Phnom phen just to name a few cities. I wonder if you have had good or bad experience dating these girls please comment. my own story! well i meet my wife 8 years ago she was a go go dancer in the wild soi cowboy in the heart of Bangkok's red light district. Surprisingly a shy girl but warm Genuine soul and not a money getter, she hatted her job but did it from need to feed her family. Like so many of her friends had a daughter farther had left them when she was pregnant. Why? i'll never know she is one of the most sexy, pretty, loving girls i've ever met. (GOD! my life is good) we now have a second child over 3 years old all ready. We all have ghosts in our pasts i killed people in the name of queen and country she sold sex but both of use are happy now.

military dating

military dating short tip : if you want to meet and date a soldier, sailor, pilot etc then join ANY dating site but explain in the top line of your profile you are seeking single marines or pilots etc and ask for photo in uniform for basic proof this is a quick easy way to get interest from your target audience.

the best wife's comes from asia ?

I asked my friend (Gorgeous George) now bear in mind George is a women hater a real sexist pig, where in the world do the best wife's come from and why. well this was his reply.

"First ill tell you about England and why these women are amongst the worst in the world to marry. since women protested and burned there bras in the name of equality and that's a joke how can they even consider them self's equal, maybe they brains are but debatable, however physical jobs they can't cut the mustard. FACT they should have stayed at home taking care of house. Now they are over opinunated arguable cows and that's why marriage fails over and over again years ago your wife stayed home cooked cleaned welcomed her man home from work, and i would say this modern woman disease has spread Europe wide as well. so that cuts down on where to find a real wife. On my travels i visited south east Asia and i would say this is the best place to date and look for a wife in today's society. Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam top 3 country's in the world for real genuine women that know how to take care of there husbands."

Well there you have it LOL is Gorgeous George RIGHT ? please leave your comment