Friday, June 3, 2011

are you a sex addict ?

Are you a sex addict ? is that so bad hey it's not like you murdered someone. Well first off i could be seen ass being a sex addict i love sex and i'm lucky enough to live in Thailand so i get as much as i want and very easy i can find sex daily. i wander out most days to meet up with friends for lunch thats really the start of the day for me i massage 3 or 4 times aweek sometimes real massage sometimes sex massage that cost around 10 pounds all in i visit my geeks thats the thai word for fuck buddy, and oh! geeks are free. I amounted around 14 or so in my city just depends on if some are away visiting there home towns. so i guess the question is am i a sex addict maybe but i happy i would not swap my lifestyle i have now for anything life really is good. So what about you is your sex life hot hot hot or do you feel like you live in the artic, well if you want to spice up you life join an adult dating site they work i used them successfully when i lived in england and you too gan be a happy sex addict.

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