Thursday, July 21, 2011

blow job cartoon clinton talks about deep throat blow job with moni by lookingforalover

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What odds would you give on who enjoys giving a deep throat blow job

In a recent study conducted by dating site OkCupid it was revealed that the odds of a person enjoying giving a deep throat blow job "oral sex" increased if that person is a vegetarian. Hello, irony! so they do eat some meat LOL. Who would guess that people that wimper at the thought of having meat on there plate could enjoy deep throat? wow and just look at the stats the men are far more giving than the ladies come on girls!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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sex dating online saves devorce rate

Great News you sex addicts "Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, PhD, relationship therapist announces new trend of sexting, online flirting, hall passes, and cheating is a growing trend for committed couples, and is replacing divorce. “According to a recent online study conducted by a dating website promoting cheaters about sexting and infidelity in cyberspace, sexting is on the rise with both genders. The divorce rate is declining. This trend says that couples are lowering their expectations and standards for their relationships. Instead of deciding whether to go or stay, the question now seems to be whether to go or stray,” Dr. Bonnie reveals.
“There are many factors going on here, and after analyzing the data, the blame doesn’t completely fall on the Internet and cell phones. Add a declining economy, lost jobs, a housing market slump, and the convenience of shopping for sex online, a perfect storm of opportunity arises for those wanting an extra-marital kick without the financial ruin a divorce can cause's."
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300 dollar flights australia to thailand

theres a new airline down under cheap tickets now being sold check them out before they go up.
flying to thailand holiday looking for asian babe save money you ausies and check out this airline.

women with shaven pussy's are 47% more likely to keep there man!

the guys prefer a shaved pussy many also comment that thay are more likely to give there woman oral when its smooth. what do you preferre?

New law "clare's law" police may warn women of there new partners' violent pasts

In the UK Plans are aimed at reducing the number of deaths from domestic violence and currently being considered by the home secretary
women often are unaware of their partner's previous relationships and this can mean they start a relationship with someone with no idea if they have a violent past.

"By changing the law we can empower women so that they can take informed action about their relationship and give them the chance to protect themselves and prevent domestic abuse from happening before it begins."

rupert murdocks oriental babe saves the day agianst pie assassin jonnie marbles

jonnie no marbles wears his own custurd pie after his failed attempt to pie rupert murdock. murdocks wife and no 1 minder quickly slaps jonnie no marbles into next week before handing him over to the police.