Wednesday, June 13, 2012

She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman


As women everywhere will attest, men are "ill-cliterate." Most guys know more about what's under the hood of a car than under the hood of a clitoris. But in the world of She Comes First, the mystery of female satisfaction is solved and the tongue is proven mightier than the sword. According to sex therapist (and evangelist of the female orgasm) Ian Kerner, oral sex isn't just foreplay, it's coreplay: simply the best way to lead a woman through the entire process of arousal time and time again. Can you say "viva la vulva"?
Fun and informative, She Comes First is a virtual encyclopedia of female pleasure, detailing dozens of tried-and-true techniques for consistently satisfying a woman and ensuring that sexual fulfillment is mutual.

From Publishers Weekly

Dispelling the widely held myth of genital penetration as the apogee of sexual pleasure, Kerner, who holds a doctorate in clinical sexology, offers this witty, well-researched manual for "consistently leading women to orgasm" through cunnilingus. Loaded with practical anatomical information (the clitoris has 18 distinct parts, and more nerve fibers than any other part of the human body) and graphic line drawings, the book also touches on the less mechanical, more psychological aspects of oral sex, including the three assurances every woman needs from her lover to feel comfortable: (1) "you enjoy it as much as she does"; (2) "there's no rush"; and (3) "Her scent is provocative, her taste powerful: it all emanates from the same beautiful essence." Since studies show the average woman takes about 20 minutes to reach her first orgasm during a typical sex session, while men take a mere four minutes, Kerner advises men to delay their own climax and make oral sex "coreplay" ("the substantive phase in which sexual tension builds, culminates and then releases itself through the female orgasm"), instead of foreplay. Breaking down six stages of coreplay, from the "first kiss" to orgasm, Kerner speaks to both beginners and more seasoned lovers. His candor concerning his own bout with sexual dysfunction adds a compassionate tone and credibility to this decidedly pro-female methodology.
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Sensual Massage Made Simple


Sensual Massage Made Simple was created by author and filmmaker Gordon Inkeles. The DVD begins with some simple tips about setting up and performing the massage, while individual scenes take you step-by-step through an excellent full-body massage. The scenes show you exactly what you need to do in massaging the chest, head, arms, hands, feet, front of the legs, back, and back of the legs. The scene selection allows you to go back and review a chapter that you have not yet mastered.

A great DVD and a great resource. If you really want to treat your lover, lay him or her down, and use the techniques you learned in Sensual Massage Made Simple to provide an experience that neither of you will ever forget.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sex on first date more likely for Android users

The type of smartphone you use can reveal a lot about your love life and dating style, according to a new survey. "Thanks to social networking and online dating, our love lives and our digital lives have never been more intertwined," said in a release about its survey of more than 1,000 Canadian singles. Among the findings: People who use Android phones are more likely to have sex on a first date, 62 per cent, compared to 57 per cent of iPhone users and 48 per cent of BlackBerry users. Android phone users are also more likely to partake in one-night stands, 55 per cent, compared to 50 per cent of iPhone users and 47.6 per cent of BlackBerry users. At 72 per cent, Android users were also the most active on online dating websites, compared to 58 per cent of those with iPhones and 50 per cent of people who have BlackBerrys. iPhone users were most likely to date in the workplace with nearly 25 per cent saying they have dated a co-worker in the last five years. BlackBerry users were the most likely to consume alcohol on a first date — 72 per cent. FULL STORY -