Thursday, June 2, 2011

sex holidays and a go go bars

Heading to Thailand to meet the opposite sex well you will be in for a very nice suprise. There is no ageism, fatism, racism or any other sort of discrimination with Thai ladies, they really don't care how fat old bald etc that you look like, but they do care how nice you are how you behave. Older men are more prized and seen to have greater consideration, also having the attentions of an older man is an increase in status for a young Thai woman. Our top tips, is to be polite smile and laugh at small things like your attempts to speak thai, and treat all the ladies with respect. Thai ladies are quick to smile in return and warm to you very quickly. Dont be affraid to look at girls in all walks of life many have worked bar at some period of there lifes and straight to the point polite conversation wins.

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