Thursday, June 2, 2011

do you fake orgasm do you think you girl fakes orgasms on you

When a woman fakes an orgasm, it’s usually because the guy she’s with isn’t getting her off and she doesn’t want to hurt his ego. Some male orgasm fakers may have a similar motivation. In fact, it may be even more damaging to a woman’s confidence to hear that her man isn’t climaxing, since the prevailing opinion is that men should be able to climax whenever, wherever and under any circumstance. Of course, this simply isn’t true,

When it comes to men and their members, we all know that what goes up must, eventually, come down. But what about when a guy’s erection goes up and stays up? At first blush, it sounds like bedroom benefit. But delayed ejaculation (DE) is a real problem. This umbrella term describes:

taking longer than usual to reach orgasm
only being able to get there via masturbation
not being able to peak at all
And it’s an issue that I'm seeing increasingly.

In the past DE was relatively rare compared with other "mechanical malfunctions" such as erectile disorder (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE), a subject I recently wrote about for this blog. Today, however, new factors are contributing to DE’s increased prevalence:
When a guy masturbates, he's often applying significantly higher levels of pressure and friction than during real intercourse, so he may get used to a different kind of physical feeling. It’s called developing an “idiosyncratic masturbatory style.” There are now a lot of guys who can get past the point of no return only via oral sex or manual stimulation (usually their own).

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