Thursday, June 2, 2011

England government are racist married to a long term bride and no visa

The English government let in thousands of immigrants and give them housing and benefits ranging from food coupons house rent to dss cheques to buy a car but the racist government are proving to look down on inter racial marriages that cost the tax payer nil yep nil heres a story below

One of the victims of this policy is Irish farmer Eugene Mc Elroy whose Thai wife Hiranchat is currently stranded in Thailand after being refused re-entry into the United Kingdom after returning to Thailand for her mothers funeral. Eugene and Hiranchat live in Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland which comes under the jurisdiction of the UK Home Office.

Hiranchat was refused a visa despite having lived with her husband for over two and half years on his 50 acre on the basis that the Home Office felt that the farmers income was insufficient for him to maintain Eugene and his Thai wife. Im heartbroken and I cant make head nor tail of it, the Irish man told a newspaper in Ireland Ive no money problems. I won my own home, 50 acres of land and a lot of cattle. Ive no mortgage, but they dont take that into account. Their silly bureaucratic rule is preventing me from being with the woman I love, he said.

Eugene and his lawyer in Ireland are currently fighting the UK Home Office decision.

Eugenes story comes at a time when the upsurge in the level of Thai brides entering the United Kingdom is provoking some negative media coverage despite positive efforts by the growing Thai community to integrate itself into UK society.

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