Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bar girl dating

Thousands of men fro all over the world are in relations and long distant dating bar girls, girls in Pattaya, Bangkok, Manila, Phnom phen just to name a few cities. I wonder if you have had good or bad experience dating these girls please comment. my own story! well i meet my wife 8 years ago she was a go go dancer in the wild soi cowboy in the heart of Bangkok's red light district. Surprisingly a shy girl but warm Genuine soul and not a money getter, she hatted her job but did it from need to feed her family. Like so many of her friends had a daughter farther had left them when she was pregnant. Why? i'll never know she is one of the most sexy, pretty, loving girls i've ever met. (GOD! my life is good) we now have a second child over 3 years old all ready. We all have ghosts in our pasts i killed people in the name of queen and country she sold sex but both of use are happy now.

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