Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the best wife's comes from asia ?

I asked my friend (Gorgeous George) now bear in mind George is a women hater a real sexist pig, where in the world do the best wife's come from and why. well this was his reply.

"First ill tell you about England and why these women are amongst the worst in the world to marry. since women protested and burned there bras in the name of equality and that's a joke how can they even consider them self's equal, maybe they brains are but debatable, however physical jobs they can't cut the mustard. FACT they should have stayed at home taking care of house. Now they are over opinunated arguable cows and that's why marriage fails over and over again years ago your wife stayed home cooked cleaned welcomed her man home from work, and i would say this modern woman disease has spread Europe wide as well. so that cuts down on where to find a real wife. On my travels i visited south east Asia and i would say this is the best place to date and look for a wife in today's society. Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam top 3 country's in the world for real genuine women that know how to take care of there husbands."

Well there you have it LOL is Gorgeous George RIGHT ? please leave your comment

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