Saturday, June 11, 2011

dating in Bangkok bars

Have you dated a Bangkok bar girl? Was it, is it love, or are you just a fool in paradise. I see fools in paradise every day they just don't realize that they are thinking with there hearts not their brains. Don't get me wrong i have many friends that are dating or married to ex bar girls are they have a fantastic life far better than they would have back home with the trollops that are over self-opinionated un-loving cold moaning cows. It is so easy to fall for the charms of a sexy thai girl and it can be great but you need to have you eyes open and be prepared to ditch her and start again. Finding the right one is not so easy cause they all look good at first.
tell her you don't have much money see if she stays
state from day one if we marry she must sign a pre-nupt and she forfeits all assets if divorce
ask her if she will work to support her spending but the house hold bill you will cover

if she agrees to all the above you probably are onto a winner and believe me they are there so good luck and hope you find a cracker.

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