Thursday, October 6, 2011

multiple orgasms for men

“Have All the Continuous Sex You Crave”
With prostate massage you can have multiple orgasms.

But, to experience the heightened pleasure of prostate massage (or prostate milking) you must massage your prostate through the rectal wall.

You see, your prostate is a walnut-sized gland surrounding the urethra (pee tube) and is found directly below a man’s bladder.

The prostate has two main functions: to help control the flow of your urine and to aid and enhance sexual activity.

When men ejaculate, it’s the prostate which expels a whitish fluid that helps sperm travel more easily. But more importantly, your prostate is a highly-sensitive and erotic organ that can orgasm multiple times over.

Why is Prostate Massage So Arousing?

The lobes of the prostate are highly sensitive to pressure, so if you press, rub or stroke your prostate gland you will experience a variety of pleasurable sensations. The most intense feeling being similar to the sensations felt during ejaculation as the prostate begins to pump semen.

Along with that incredibly awesome sensation, you will also be stimulating millions of nerve endings within your anal cavity.

Plus, because one-third of your penis is buried inside your body, you are simultaneously stroking the base of your penis too.

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